Manhattan Beach Hurricane Fund

Manhattan Beach, a community located between the Atlantic Ocean and Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn, NY is in a Zone A evacuation area that was totally devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

As the waters surged upwards of 8 feet over the bay’s seawall and the tidal waves swelled to 10 feet driven by 75+ miles an hour winds off the ocean, there was not a single home in this community that survived without major damage.

On top of this is the damage created by the many trees that were felled and crashed on homes and cars plus the vehicles and debris floating through the streets and the total loss of phone service and electricity throughout the neighboood.

Most of those whose residences sustained major damage were fortunate enough to evacuate before the storm. However the vast majority are unable to return because their homes were submerged and most of what they owned was totally destroyed.


Look in the streets and you will see baby cribs, clothing, food, furniture, stoves, refrigerators, children’s toys and people’s entire lives sitting and waiting to be picked up by the sanitation department. Inside, homes are full of water, mud and mold and require major work before the residents can even think about returning home, and many will continue to stay in hotels, shelters or keep moving from place to place to put a roof over their head for the night.

On top of this there are hundreds of elderly people who require food, shelter and other assistance and are unable to access it at this time.

The Shtiebel is working tirelessly around the clock to try and provide whatever aid and assistance we can, but we need your help to do more of what needs to be done.

This is why we began the MB Hurricane Fund to raise needed funds to help all of those who were affected to rebuild their lives in this time of great need, and to make sure the elderly in our community are provided for.

A tax deductible charitable donation can be made below, and we guarantee 100% of the funds collected will be distributed to those in need without administrative charges being applied.

No amount is too small or too large, and we thank you for your help.

Also, if you work for a company with a matching funds program please let us know and we will provide you the information needed to secure extra funds for this worthy cause. 

To find out more about this fund or to volunteer you can email us at

You can make your donation by credit card or personal check via PayPal by clicking the button below or send your check to Cong. Shaarey Torah 98 West End Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11235. Please note MBHF on your check and make the check payable to Cong. Shaarey Torah.